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Toscolano Maderno - Culture

Close to the harbour of Toscolano stands the remains of citrus fruit greenhouses. Nearby are two of the most important buildings, the parish and the sanctuary of the Madonna del Benaco. The church is dedicated to the Saints Paolo and Pietro and was built at the end of the sixteenth century. Behind it stands the fifteenth century sanctuary, whose name is derived from the fact that it is said to have been built with stones from an old town named Benacus, which according to legend sank into the waters during an earthquake in 243 BC. Remains have also been found of 2nd century BC villas. Here you can also see the 16th century house where Paganino Paganini and Alessandro Paganini established a printing house. Located in the town of Maderno lies the Palazzo Nuovo, built in the early seventeenth century upon the orders of Duke Vincenzo I Gonzaga of Mantua, and the Romanesque church of Sant’Andrea which originated in the 12th century.

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